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Who are we

We are Esade alumni who, as professionals, wish to further the goal of gender equality in the business world. We are committed to encouraging our colleagues to become agents of change.

What do we do

This transversal initiative is divided into 5 areas of action:: training, research, social debate, organisation and networking. Some of the actions we carry out are: introducing the gender perspective into programmes, creating and spreading relevant knowledge and organizing discussion forums related to equality of opportunity.

Junta Directiva

Eugenia Bieto

Presidenta Lic&Master 73 / Ph.D. in Manag. Sciences 08

Quique Hernández

Vocal Lic&Master 85

Alexandra Molina-Martell

Vocal Lic&MD 00

Mireia Oranias

Vocal EDP PwC Ed. IV 09

Gemma Sisó

Vocal Lic&MBA 92 / Promociona 16

Jerome Trochet

Vocal EDIEF 92/EMBA 2009

Anna Ventosa

Vocal EMMV 2018 / EMOI 2016