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Award categories:

In recognition of members of the law profession whose outstanding careers in business law exemplify the founding values that ESADE aims to instil in students.


Year    Name/Company
1st     José Ramón Ferrándiz
2nd     José Juan Pintó
2nd     Rodrigo Uría
3rd     Juan José López Burniol
4th     Fernando Pombo
5th     Gaspar Ariño
6th     Santiago Martínez-Lage
7th     José María Segovia
8th     José Pedro Pérez-Llorca Rodrigo
9th     Antonio Garrigues Walker
10th     Luis Enrique de la Villa Gil
11th    Juan Fernández-Armesto
12th     D. Miquel Roca Junyent

It recognizes the professionals and entities that have contributed significantly to the development or innovation of business law in its different aspects (including corporate governance, compliance or corporate social responsibility) or who have made a relevant contribution in the field of social linked to law.


Year   Name/Company
1st     Chambers & Partners
2nd     David Maister
3rd     ICC 
4th     Tribunal de Justicia de la UE 
5th     Abogacía General del Estado 
6th     Expansión Jurídico 
7th     Tribunal Supremo 
8th     Escuela Judicial 
9th     Sección fiscal OCDE
10th     Finantial Times + RSG Consulting 
11th     Luminance + Imanage + Contract Express de Thomson Reuters 
12th     CMNV

In recognition of the important achievements and innovations made by in-house legal departments in Spain, with a significant contribution to the revenue and strategic implementation of their company.


Year   Name/Company 
2nd     Iberdrola
3rd     Abertis 
4th     Inditex
5th     Abengoa
6th     Atento
7th     CaixaBank
8th     Ferrovial
9th     Repsol
10th     Banco Sabadell
11th     Banco Santander
12th     AENA

In recognition of alumni from the ESADE law school with an outstanding track record in their profession, be it in law, academia, culture, business, third-sector, sport or another field.


Year   Name/Company
10th     David Sancho
11th     Meritxell Regué
12th     Xavier Espot

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