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Best of Mobile World Congress 2023: How will MWC’23 impact your MARKETING Strategy?

Conferencia | Inglés

09Marzo 2023 de 13:00h a 14:00h

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the keystone of all the emerging technologies that are shaping our society and revolutionising markets – from global multibillion-dollar franchises to local small family businesses.

Welcome to a session that clears things up. Thanks to the presence of several industry experts, as well as an international moderator, we can help you identify the key ideas that you should consider to inspire your marketing strategies.

The Esade Alumni Marketing Club, the Esade Alumni Business Innovation and Technology Club and the Esade Alumni Milan Chapter will provide a business and tech overview with an international scope.

In conjunction with the Mobile World Congress, Esade Alumni offers this webinar to a broader audience to increase the global impact of our initiatives that aim to build a society that not only does better, but also does good.