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15 years of Esade Alumni Social

Fifteen years have passed. We’re taking a look back at Pro Bono Consultants through the testimonies of alumni who have taken part in the project.


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Inmaculada Gómez (DGONG 15)

I started out years ago as a volunteer in the third sector. It eventually became my profession, but it became overwhelming. That’s why, when I found out about the Esade Alumni Social project, I saw it as a break that would help me see things from the outside. My participation last year was very rewarding. It made me fall in love all over again with the social world I carry inside me. That’s why I’m here again.

Blanca Morueco (CG 14)

As a child, I went to a religious school where I was taught values such as generosity, sharing and seeing other people’s lives from a different perspective. Participating in all this takes me back to my origins. Helping others make their dreams come true is very positive for me.

Alfredo Dacal (PMD 11)

When I arrived at the NGO, I found a well-trained and very professional company that needed help in specific areas that they were unable to address due to a lack of resources. This year, I decided to participate once again because, in some way, this experience takes you out of your regular work environment. Often times, we find ourselves pigeonholed in the work we do. This collaboration forces you to get out and fulfil yourself professionally in a different way.

Olivia Bosch (EMDB 16)

What I value most is what I have learned. This volunteer collaboration is a new way of working, a different business model and a different way of looking at life. You can be 100% sure that you will learn from it. One of the values I most cherish as a professional is learning, and this experience has definitely given me that.

Rubén González (MBA 11)

I signed up because what I like most in life is solving challenges. Here there were quite a few challenges, and that gave me the opportunity to contribute my experience and skills which, though modest, produced a magical moment: what may seem to you like not much has a big impact for an NGO and its beneficiaries. In addition, you develop a good relationship with your team.

Isabel Hernández (PMD 08)

One of the most satisfying aspects of this project is hearing the sort of news I heard today: the manager of the NGO we worked with last year called me and said that the project we designed for them is working and thriving. These projects have an impact and create transformational value for organisations. People from the business world have to do this because these organisations could never afford to pay a team of consultants.

Esther de Ocaña (DEF 04)

I started with the first edition in Barcelona and I’m still participating to this day. When you see that what you create is useful to these NGOs, that these projects are very valuable to them, it gives you the wherewithal to go on.

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Ignacio Seijas (EMBA 17)

Ignacio gave positive feedback about his experience. 

“It opens your eyes and helps you understand other realities. The pandemic has exponentially exacerbated the problem of loneliness, making it one of our society’s biggest problems. The experience of collaborating with this organisation has somehow raised my awareness and helped me identify with this problem.”

Ignacio notes that the Esade Alumni Social programme has a very clear methodology based on three pillars: listening and getting to know the organisation; carrying out research to gather information; and working as a team.

“In a pandemic environment, I believe that this methodology is more necessary than ever, and that it can be applied in all of our work and social relations.”

Rocío Pérez (EMMV 18)

“Collaborating with professionals from different backgrounds and sectors was very enriching. On a more personal level, I was struck by the dedication and solidarity of the volunteers and professionals working in the organisation. It was truly inspiring. During a pandemic, loneliness becomes a bigger problem than ever. As the population ages and single-person households make up a bigger and bigger percentage of the populace every year, it seems to me that more proactivity is needed to tackle this problem. If nothing else, it would put us in a better position to understand and empathise with the problem, which is already serious at present and will most likely worsen in the future.”


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