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20th Healthcare Investment Forum Barcelona 2017

Conferencia | Spanish

ESADE BAN, the Barcelona Medical Association (COMB), Barcelona Activa, Barcelona City Council and Biocat are pleased to announce the 20th Barcelona Healthcare Investment Forum on November 30th at 4:30 p.m. at the Physicians’ Association (Paseo de la Bonanova, 47).

The aim of this forum is to promote projects related to biotechnology, medical devices, health services and information technologies in the healthcare industry to investors interested in this sector. This forum is a platform for the presentation of start-ups or teams with innovative healthcare projects.

This special conference will feature a round table with international experts from the healthcare sector. Entrepreneurs who have participated in the forum in previous years will share their experience and a business angel from our network will explain his experience as a private investor in start-ups.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the forum, the audience will be invited to a cocktail and jazz concert afterwards in the panoramic hall at the Physicians’ Association.

If you want to attend the 20th Healthcare Investment Forum Barcelona 2017, sign up here

Important information for entrepreneurs

1. Deadline for presentation of projects: November 15th 2017.

2. To submit a project, applicants must complete the official on-line form approved by the organisers and proceed as follows:

- Register the project and provide the information requested in this form.

- Provide all the requested information briefly. The project brief produced on the basis of this information is the most important document: its purpose is to catch the eye of the investors at the forum.

- Fill out all the details in Your Private Site:

1. Company Profile

2. Business Summary

3. Financial Information (state financial forecast at five-year horizon)

4. Pitch (attach a 10-minute PDF or PowerPoint presentation of the project)

5. Documents (attach the CVs of the project team, the terms and conditions of taking part in ESADE BAN duly signed, and any other pertinent documents).

Taking part in the investment forum implies accepting the terms and conditions. These must be downloaded, signed on each page and attached via the online platform.

6. Supplemented  material

7. Additional questions

These six sections must be filled out completely in order to consider your project. If any information is missing, your project will not be eligible to take part in the investment forum.

To submit a project for the 20th Barcelona Healthcare Investment Forum 2017, please fill out this form.





    Welcome speech by the president of the CoMB
16:45    Overview of the forum over the years. Outlook of the institutions
17:15    Current state of the industry and future trends. Views of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors
18:00    Coffee break
18:30    Presentations of projects
20:00    Closing comments
20:15    Cocktail and jazz concert (Panoramic Hall)

For further information:
93 553 02 17