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Amin Sheikh, social entrepreneur


The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club is delighted to invite you to their forthcoming talk, Amin Sheikh, social entrepreneur.

Amin Sheik will be giving a heart-warming talk about his project and personal story, a talk full of joy and sorrow that will inspire courage and energy to make the most of life. A walking example of how love and its unbeatable power can illuminate even the darkest moments.

This is the tale of a real entrepreneur, a brave, determined, down-to-earth person who has managed to implement a magnificent social project despite his little schooling.


At the tender age of five, Amin Sheikh had to flee his home and live in train stations in Bombay. Despite suffering all sorts of abuse, he survived on the street by begging, cleaning shoes, singing and scrounging leftovers. But Amin was lucky and three years later he was taken in by an orphanage where he had the opportunity to start a new life, to learn to read and write and discover what it means to have a home and people he considers his family.

Amin’s life was never easy but he always believed in the goodness of people and the idea that it only takes one person to start changing the world. This is when he started to imagine a giving-back project. He wrote a book about his incredible story and used all the profits from its sale to set up a library café to help the children and young people on the streets of Bombay. A welcoming place open to everyone, where children can have a mug of hot chocolate and biscuits. A place they can call their home. This was the beginning of the “Bombay to Barcelona Library Café.”


See you there!

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