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'Anatomy of an online launch', by Franc Carreras


The ESADE Alumni Balearic Islands Club invites you to an interesting talk in the Refresher Programme, ''Anatomy of an online launch'' by Franc Carreras, academic assistant in ESADE’s Department of Marketing Management.

The internet is the perfect place for launching today’s new brands and products. This calls for the ability to pinpoint a niche, create a suitable combination of media, get the timing right and set up a system to measure results accurately. This interesting talk will take a look at the techniques and repeatability of online launches by analysing a recent real-life case: the launch of the online community



Franc Carreras

Franc Carreras is an academic assistant in ESADE’s Department of Marketing Management and the founder of, the community management solutions firm. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Faculty of Economics, Ramon Llull University (IQS)). MBA (Columbia Business School, New York). Was the director of Digital Marketing RCA for four yeas at the Sony Music record label in New York, and has managed the marketing campaigns of artists including Santana, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Jamie Foxx, Leona Lewis and the winners of the American Idol competition. Creator of the largest social network on the internet for promoting artists in the Sony Group and has been in charge of global campaigns with portals such as Yahoo!, AOL and Clear Channel Communications. He has worked for four years in the department of Marketing Planning at the Bertelsmann group record labels J Records and Arista Records, and is the founder of, a company dedicated to developing community management solutions.



See you there!

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