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Archetype Workshop: A Key Tool for Getting to Know Your Customers


March 25 OF 2020 from 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

DEFERRED EVENT. Soon we will inform you of the new date


Exciting experiences motivate us to travel. In fact, 62% of travellers say that experiencing emotions is more important than having possessions. In today’s customer-focused age, customers are more demanding, more technological and more social than ever before. They compare us to the best, they are able to access information with the click of a mouse, and they shares their experiences with a hyperconnected world. In this context, customer experience is the strategy that will allow companies to differentiate themselves from the competition, connect with customers and generate recommendations, which in turn have an impact on the bottom line.

The journey into the heart of the customer begins with having the right methodology and tools to help you understand what travellers experience when they interact with your company and what motivates them to choose a particular destination, hotel or restaurant. The Tourism and Leisure Club Esade Alumni is pleased to invite you to an upcoming workshop on archetypes as a key tool in the tourism experience. This unique, exclusive session will be led by Jose Serrano, CEO of IZO, The Experience Design Company. 


About the workshop: 

The main objective of this practical and theoretical workshop is to deepen participants’ knowledge of archetypes as a tool for understanding travellers and managing the tourism experience. We will learn to apply archetypes in a practical way in order to gain an understanding of customers from an experiential standpoint. This will allow us to identify groups of travellers with common behaviours and expectations, find out what sorts of experiences they are looking for, and guide the company’s strategy to improve the customer experience, thereby increasing the bottom line.


Jose Serrano

Jose Serrano, Chief Emotional Officer (CEO) of IZO, The Experience Design Company, is first and foremost a CX LOVER. His passion for the customer experience drives him to help companies of all sizes in all sorts of sectors to fall in love with their customers, improve their business results and differentiate themselves from the competition. He is a board member at the Association for Customer Experience Development (DEC) and at the Spanish Association of Customer Relations Experts (AEERC), as well as Director of the Master in CX at La Salle. He also lectures on customer experience and employees at various universities and business schools, including ESIC, ICEMD, Esade and IE.


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