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The attitude, key factor in achieving both individual goals and collective value

February 07 OF 2017 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

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Each year, more than 300 alumni in the ESADE Alumni Giving Back project devote time and effort to improving the nearby third-sector organisations who make a real contribution to social harmony. No volunteering is entirely hassle-free but the alumni’s conviction and determination helps improve and change the NGOs involved considerably every year.

The alumni volunteers all have a lot in common with our guest speaker, Albert Bosch (Lic&MBA 90), an adventurer and entrepreneur committed to responsible leadership. Drawing upon his experience, he will explain how attitude is crucial for attaining individual goals and creating value-added for the community.

''After crossing the Antarctic, climbing Everest, and crossing several jungles and deserts, I have seen and experienced the most beautiful parts of the world, and also the weakest parts under most threat from the action of mankind. As a result of the acute awareness I acquired, I became a staunch supporter of responsible leadership. By putting our projects into action, each one of us will not only achieve our goals but also have a negative or positive impact on others. It’s up to us to decide what sort of impact we want this to be. We can’t suddenly solve all life’s problems but we can take small steps in the right direction and enjoy the journey.''

The talk will include real-life examples of the impact and contribution to society made by ESADE alumni. A chance to find out more about the work and experience of the NGOs and volunteers in the project and the new opportunities already available.

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