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Blockchain and its impact on marketing


October 16 OF 2017 from 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

How is blockchain technology changing the value proposition of the 4 Ps? Are marketing departments ready for decentralization and the Internet of Value?

The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club invites you to find out about one of the technology trends with the greatest potential in 2017: ''Blockchain and its impact on marketing''. The decentralized economy of the Internet of Value based on blockchain technology will have a decisive impact on the management of the 4 Ps by enabling decentralized versions of traditionally centralized companies.

In a decentralized economy, prices will be far more customised and focused on micropayments not previously possible in the centralized economy.

Manufacturing will be relocated to smart factories able to make products according to customers’ needs and to bring production nearer.

The use of smart contracts will enable products to be promoted according to customers’ needs.

The future place will be more digital.

Come and find out about one of the technology trends having the most impact on today’s companies and how it is used in marketing departments.

You will also learn about the transformative experience of BBVA, UST Global and Everis, who will share their experience of working with blockchain technology and what they have achieved.


Carlos Kuchkovsky
Roberto Fernández, blockchain global head at everis
Alex Preukschat, founder
José Ramón Salceda, board member of the ESADE Alumni Marketing Club Madrid

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