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The chemical industry, challenges and future


The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club is pleased to invite you to ''The chemical industry, challenges and the future'', a talk by Teresa Pallarès, managing director of the Tarragona Chemical Industry Association, and Ramon Nieto, production manager at Repsol Química.

The chemical industry is tasked with finding solutions for humanity’s future challenges: food, hygiene, communications, etc. In Tarragona – the main hub of the chemical industry in southern Europe – thirty-three companies employ 10,000 people and create 36,000 indirect jobs. They are the main exporter in this province and produce 25% of all the chemicals made in Spain.

An industry concerned about the future of humanity. But what will this industry be like in the future? What opportunities, challenges and threats await in this industry and this region? Teresa Pallarès and Ramon Nieto share their thoughts on what is involved, what lies ahead and the main challenges facing this industry in the Camp de Tarragona region.



Teresa Pallarès

Teresa Pallarès is the managing director of the Tarragona Chemical Industry Association. She holds a degree in Educational Sciences and has devoted much of her career to management, politics and institutional relations. Formerly a councillor in Reus, Regional Director of Economics, Trade and Tourism in the Generalitat, and Deputy Representative of the Spanish Government in Tarragona.



Looking forward to seeing you there!

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