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China's One Belt One Road And the Unification of the Eurasian Continent a talk by Arthur Dong


The ESADE Alumni Washington Chapter is pleased to the next event of the Chapter: China’s one belt one road and the unification of the Eurasian Continent, a talk by Arthur Dong next Tuesday June 12th at 7pm at McDonough School of Business (Room 415).

Arthur Dong will talk about China and the global trade system with particular emphasis on China's next phase of development and the prospects of a "closing" world system of trade and trade nationalism.

The breakneck acceleration of China’s economic rise during the past thirty years is nothing short of astonishing. High double-digit GDP growth has led to the doubling and tripling in size of the Chinese economy. As an economy highly dependent on exports and investment China is now confronted with a new reality. As the global appetite for “open” markets recede China is finding itself in the uncomfortable situation where their exports may face greater trade barriers and restriction. To confront this reality China is embarking on one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in the world, namely the One Belt One Road initiative that aims to tie the entire Eurasian continent via rail and sea linkages. What is OBOR all about? What are China’s aims? Is this initiative purely economically driven or are there geo-strategic motives at play here? Ultimately how will this work out for China and how will the United States react? What will be the impact on the EU? I will explore these topics and many more during this discussion.

Come along and join us for this interesting discussion and take the opportunity to make new contacts and meet alumni, students and staff from ESADE.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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