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Coffee drop-in: Hide and Seek-Job hunting strategy

Coffee Drop-in | Spanish

November 20 OF 2017 from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM

Have you defined your job hunting strategy? Do you know what aspects must be taken into account? Would you like to share your best practices? What obstacles arise when you are thinking about and defining your strategy?

The ESADE Alumni Career Services is holding a coffee drop-in to help you overcome obstacles and improve your job hunting skills; a space for dialogue and networking where you can share your experience, good practices, strategies and thoughts about your approach to job hunting.

The spotlight will be on participants. The ESADE Alumni Career Service team together with Javier Martín de la Fuente and Ana González Quirós, of Ars Outplacement, will help the group reach conclusions. This drop-in will discuss the importance of having a well-focused job hunting strategy to achieve your desired career change.

: from 1 pm to 2.30 pm

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