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Collective intelligence: new resources to expand the leadership spectrum


October 15 OF 2016 from 09:30 AM to 01:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni People and Organisation Management Club invites you to a workshop about collective intelligence. In recent years, twenty-first-century companies and their environment have undergone a radical shift from traditional models, a shift in which the on-line world, the wiki mindset, globalisation, ICTs and the co-existence of different generations and organisational cultures have played a crucial role, changing the way we interact and understand each other.

In such a scenario, the management and leadership methods used until now are inevitably unable to provide effective solutions for new challenges. It’s time to create new opportunities and invent new ways of managing both public and private organisations.

This workshop will examine new management approaches based on two complementary questions:

- What does leadership in highly complex situations entail?
- How can collective intelligence be fostered?





Guy Philippe Marc Giménez (ADE 95). Researcher and expert in collective intelligence and the development of individual skills, intercultural cooperation models, complexity management, change management in public and private organisations, leadership and coaching.

Lluís Casado. Instructor, consultant and coach specialised in organisational behaviour: management of change, innovation, disputes, personal development and teams. In recent years, Lluís has specialised in leadership in VUCA situations.



After the session we will offer a coffee.

See you there!

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