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'Competing in R&D: Creating global innovation clusters', by professor Xavier Ferrás (MBA 02)

Programa de continuidad | Spanish

The ESADE Alumni Eastern Andalusia Club is pleased to invite you to a talk in the Refresher Programme, ''Competing in R&D: Creating global innovation clusters'' by Xavier Ferrás (MBA 02), visiting professor in ESADE’s Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences.

We are caught up in an unprecedented technological revolution. Technology continues to grow exponentially. No other aspect of innovation affects productivity as much new technology. But technological innovation is based on breakthrough logic and completely re-writes business strategies. How can you compete with technology? What is the role of R&D and how should it be managed? Why are some companies and countries able to compete in R&D in the global world? Why are some regions ''intelligent''? How are global innovation clusters created?



Xavier Ferrás Hernández

Xavier Ferràs (MBA 02) is visiting professor in ESADE’s Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences.He has a PhD in Economics and Business from UB and Telecommunications Engineer from UPC. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication at the University of Vic. Until 2012, he was Director of the ACC10 Centre for Business Innovation (Catalan Agency for Competitiveness), and was responsible for technology transfer policies, R&D and development of clusters in Catalonia. He has previously served as CIDEM Director of Business Development, Head of Innovation, Co-ordinator of the Technological Innovation Plan for Catalonia (2001-2004), and member of the committee drafting the Research and Innovation Plan (2005-2008). Among other executive positions related to technology and innovation, he has been a member of the boards of trustees and executive boards of BAIE (aerospace cluster), Biocat (biotechnology cluster), CTM technological centres (advanced materials), Barcelona Media (audio-visual), CTAE (Aerospace), LEITAT (manufacturing), the Microsoft Productivity Centre in Manresa, the Catalan Foundation for Research, the i-CERCA Foundation (Research Centre of the Catalan Government), Invertec (Venture Capital Company), and Creafutur. He previously worked in the automobile industry and as Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering. Author of Innovación 6.0: el Fin de la Estrategia (Plataforma, 2010). Co-author of Pasión por Innovar (Granica, 2006), Tanto Creces, Tanto Vales (Granica, 2005), and 50 Lecciones de Management (Granica, 2007). Speaker at over 100 national and international conferences on strategy, innovation and technology management.



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