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The creative process: the Tadeo Jones experience


The ESADE Alumni West Andalusia Club is pleased to invite you to ‘The creative process. 'The Tadeo Jones experience', a talk by Nico Matji, the producer of short and full-length films, creator of Tadeo Jones and winner of 8 Goya awards.

The film and audiovisual sector is the area of the culture industry that makes the most use of business organization and management models, with creativity as part of the equation. In the case of animated film production, other factors include technological innovation, a slow production process and the extended period needed to recoup investment.

The Tadeo Jones films about the character of the same name are known around the globe and are Spain’s top box-office animated films of all time. But behind the scenes there are lots of stories to tell and a long and winding road that makes Nico Matji a great career example and an excellent speaker.


Nico Matji

Nico Matji is the head of Lightbox Animation Studio, one of the companies behind Spain’s two greatest animated film box-office hits of all times (Tadeo Jones and Capture the Flag). In addition, the third full-length animated feature firm produced by Lightbox is a record breaker, ranking amongst the four highest grossing animated films produced in Spain.