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Desayunos ESADE with Marieta Jiménez, president and managing director of Merck in Spain

Desayunos | Spanish

June 18 OF 2019 from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to another Desayunos ESADE talk: Innovation. A cornerstone of business. Dealing with uncertainty with Marieta Jiménez, president and managing director of Merck in Spain.

During this talk, Marieta Jiménez will explain how and why Merck has adopted innovation as a cornerstone of their positioning strategy and the challenges it entails for people management and business.


Marieta Jiménez

Currently president and managing director of Merck in Spain. She joined this science and technology company in 2014. Graduated in pharmacy from Salamanca University. More than 20 years’ experience in different posts in sales, marketing, business development and business excellence in the pharmaceutical multinationals AstraZeneca, Wyeth and Lilly.

As a strategic thinker, she has successfully led development, digitisation and cultural change operations in companies operating in highly regulated industries. Her experience in Sweden enhanced this outlook and helped consolidate her focus on innovation. In addition, her steadfast commitment to gender equality inspired her to become the head of the platform Closingap launched in September 2018. Another ten big companies have joined this platform which aims to calculate the opportunity cost of not exploiting women’s talent in Spain, to carry out campaigns to guarantee equality and to make recommendations to help implement effective nationwide measures.

Besides chairing the Spanish subsidiary of Merck, Marieta Jiménez is:

• President of the platform ClosinGap.

• President of the Merck Healthcare Foundation

• Member of the board of trustees of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation.

• Member of the executive board of the Sociedad y Empresa Responsables (SERES) Foundation.

• Vice-president of Farmaindustria.

• Member of the alumni advisory council, University of Salamanca.


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