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Esade Alumni tour of the ALBA synchrotron

Esade Alumni Entrepreneurship is organizing a tour of the ALBA synchrotron, the largest and most singular scientific installation in the Mediterranean, a project driven by professor Ramon Pascual since the 90s and inaugurated in 2010.

In these 7 years, ALBA has been the venue for successful scientific experiments in the spheres of chemistry, life sciences, physics, materials science, biology, nanotechnology, historical and even artistic heritage, all thanks to synchrotron light which makes it possible to view the atomic and molecular structure of materials and study their properties.

Each test station can generate up to 300 megabytes per second, which calls for more than 160 km of cable and 6,000 items of electronic equipment, industrial computers, PLCs, engines, robots, instruments, etc.

In addition to sharing these applications with its alma mater, the tour will also include a visit to the test area, the area where the accelerator complex is located, and the laboratories.