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“fearLESS” By Alexandra Panayotou

Conferencia | English

February 13 OF 2020 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

In our professional and personal lives, there are many positive areas that we can develop and strengthen, which will help us move forwards – among which are our strengths, talents, balance, empathy. At the same time however, we need to address the things that hold us back. The one thing that stunts our development and hinders our professional success and personal fulfilment and happiness, is fear and self-doubt. 

Regardless of our age, position, power, financial situation, gender, or nationality, it is that anxiety that stops us from realising ourselves truly. Corporate teams are infinitely more powerful when its members have worked on this issue, and have learned how not to let fear and doubt guide their decisions. Individuals have the possibility to thrive in every way when they learn to live life free from fear. In this interactive workshop we go through the necessary steps to understand and deal with fear. We work with practical tools that enable each person to reach their key decisions only using confidence and logic.  

Join this inspiring session “FearLESS” by Alexandra Panayotou and meet other Esade Alumni living in Vienna!


Alexandra Panayotou
Alexandra Panayotou is a charismatic motivational speaker and executive guide/coach, who works in personal and professional development both in Spain and internationally. She inspires others to strive for more in their lives, and to further develop themselves. Her insight into and her understanding of the human process are developed from her outstanding success as an endurance athlete, combined with her academic background in psychology, sociology, and philosophy where she received an honours degree. Alex regularly presents to and works with leading executives of top global business organizations, including, Danone, Telefonica, Coca-Cola, ESADE Business School, and since 2014 she is a strategic partner of ManpowerGroup Greece.


Venue: The Pelican Coffee

the pelican coffee


We hope to see you there!