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Film Forum: A Plastic Ocean. The illness affecting our seas

Do you know where your plastic waste goes?

It will probably end up in the sea. When we throw away something made of plastic, we tend to think that it disappears and ends up nowhere. The truth is that ''nowhere'' is the sea, and we are polluting it faster and faster. We must either rethink our consumer habits or rethink our life as humans.

A Plastic Ocean reveals the harsh reality about the destination of the 8 tons of plastic that we throw away every day. Using chilling real-life images of the terrible impact on marine life, journalist Craig Leeson, together with scientists and researchers, explores the fragile state of our oceans, reveals alarming truths that affect our health, and suggests solutions that could be applied immediately.

Our guest speakers will be Carla A. Chicote, engineer and master in oceanography at the marine environment consultancy Submon, and Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer, founder of Seastainable Ventures.

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