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Flash session: Digital Thinking

Sesión Flash | Spanish

"Digital is a way to think differently about business models, customer journeys, and organizational agility. Dedicated leadership-development programs should help leaders and employees alike to make the necessary mindset shift”. McKinsey

On his mission to help companies deal with future challenges, McKinsey has no doubt that digital transformation embraces more than technology. Digital leaders, i.e. the people running the companies of tomorrow, must think digitally. Because we are all analogical and because change happens so quickly, this mindset shift needs programmes to help ensure successful digital thinking.

ESADE Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to this flash session featuring the presentation of Lluís Soldevila’s latest book Digital Thinking, a journey through the ten chromosomes in the DNA of digital leaders. 

Presenting the session will be Xantal Llavina, director and presenter of the TV3 programme Revolució 4.0 and winner of the 2019 Comunicación y Divulgación TIC award. Also joining us will be Miquel Montes (GEMBA 09), managing director of Banc Sabadell, board member of ESADE Alumni and president of the Business Innovation & Technologies Club.

Lluís Soldevila

Author, professor and international speaker. One of the best Spanish-speaking lecturers on motivation and digital leadership. Computer engineer. Professor in the ESADE Innovation Department since 1999. Creator of DAFO Personal® and author of the best-sellers Éxito se escribe con A, and Morder el hielo. Recently published his third book, Digital Thinking.

CEO of Acktitude. Has given talks and seminars in more than 250 companies across Europe, America and Asia, reaching more than 20,000 executives.