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Flash session: How to shine and do my best

Sesión Flash | Spanish

January 23 OF 2020 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The importance of finding out what you excel at and what you are passionate about

Self-knowledge and emotion management, and also the ability to think about where you are at the present time, can all help boost your well-being and your impact on other people. 

This ESADE Alumni Careers flash session is intended for junior executives seeking to become aware of what they excel at and what they are passionate about, with a view to finding out what to focus on and what they can achieve with these qualities.


Ana Guiu and Ainhoa Berganza

Ana Guiu and Ainhoa Berganza are co-founders of Inti Training & Coaching. Inti is a project created by two female entrepreneurs who help make companies happier and more aware by holding workshops for company directors and middle management in different industries and universities, and also individual and group coaching sessions. In particular, they hold workshops about interpersonal communication, impact and influence, emotional intelligence and personal and career development. Their aim is to inject enthusiasm into the companies they work with. Co-authors of Mi vida lejos de mí (Maeva, 2016).