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Flash Session: International mobility and expatriation. Key success factors

Sesión Flash | Spanish

July 03 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

In today’s globalised world, geographic mobility is not a rarity amongst executives but rather another facet of their managerial development. Increasing numbers of executives in multinationals and medium-sized companies have to deal with moving abroad to work in new destinations.

Expatriation means changes in all spheres – professional, cultural and personal – and due preparation is essential. Culture shock affects many expats during their first year in a new location but executives can minimise its impact by preparing themselves appropriately for such changes.

The same applies to executives who welcome and work with executives from different cultures. The ability to understand the personal and professional adaptation required when working and living abroad will help anyone who works with expats ensure a more productive and successful relationship.

ESADE Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to this flash session sponsored by AIAL and FEEX in which Mercedes Segura will share her own experience and insights into geographic mobility, and also those of other expats she has interviewed. In a forthright but positive manner, Mercedes will analyse the key success factors of living abroad with a view to helping those who move away and those who stay home to enjoy the experience and ensure successful integration and adaptation in their new location.

Mercedes Segura Amat (Lic & MBA 90)

Mercedes Segura was born in Barcelona and holds a degree in business administration (ESADE) and a master CEMS (HEC, Paris). She also studied dramatic art at Nancy Tuñón (Bcn) and Juan Carlos Corazza (Mad).

She worked for 17 years as an international marketing executive in multinationals (Procter & Gamble, Benckiser Group, PwC), whilst living in Paris, Milan, Luxembourg, Boston, Madrid and Rome, and has moved house 15 times. She has published ''¡Me voy! Todo lo bueno de vivir fuera'', based on her experience as an expat.

Currently a theatre producer, professor of communication based on theatre techniques at ESADE, and consultant in personal communication for managers. She has produced and acted in the theatre and film industries. Author of ''¡A escena! Lo que el teatro aporta a la comunicación empresarial'' about her theatre classes for executives.