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Foundations, a 21st century creation. Challenges and opportunities

Conferencia | Spanish

May 16 OF 2017 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

In order to made progress, society must find ways of embracing more than the public-private dichotomy and enabling social development.

Foundations are one, and possibly the best, of these ways.

We will discuss foundations, sponsorship, philanthropy and social change, and take a closer look at the fabric of foundations.

We will discuss questions such as: Why create a foundation? What benefits and complications are involved?

We will also discuss more practical questions such as: Are foundations a source of employment? Of ethical employment?




Pere A. Fàbregas (Lic&MBA 67), Chairman, Catalan Coordination of Foundations
Eduard Arruga, Chairman, Banc dels Aliments Foundation
Antoni Garcia Prat, Director, Josep Carreras Foundation



See you there!

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