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Guided tour of the CEDEX Centre of Port and Coast Studies (Spanish Ministry of Development)


The ESADE Alumni Public Management Club is holding another guided tour of a very interesting public entity: the CEDEX Centre of Port and Coast Studies, a public organization within Spain’s Ministry of Development which provides multidisciplinary support in civil engineering, building and environment technologies for public authorities and entities, and also private-sector companies.

The Center of Port and Coast Studies is an internationally acclaimed organisation operating particularly in the realm of maritime waters and the respective natural and man-made infrastructures. The centre carries out research and experimentation and gathers and manages data related to natural resources and phenomena. It also conducts research projects and develops technology and innovation in these areas.

To do so, the centre is fitted with the very latest equipment including a large-scale wind and wave channel, a ship manoeuvre simulator, wave tanks and a marine experimentation laboratory. During the tour, the centre’s managers will explain their work and give participants the opportunity to see some of these infrastructures first hand.

See you there!

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