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Healthy workplaces. Another boost for business competitiveness

Conferencia | Spanish

The ESADE Alumni Valencia Club is pleased to invite you on 11 December at 19.00 to the following event: Healthy workplaces. Another boost for business competitiveness.

If companies knew how the healthy workplace concept could benefit them by enhancing the atmosphere at work, reducing absenteeism and consequently improving  productivity, they would not hesitate to implement it as part of their strategy to improve their business results, ensure more efficient management and increase their competitive edge.
Solutia GHS has created a healthy workplace model to help companies develop the strategic healthy company concept in an orderly and well-defined way.


What questions will be answered during the session?

-    What is a healthy workplace and what use is it? Why does it improve competitiveness?
-    Which is the most effective and efficient healthy workplace model? 
-    Where does a healthy workplace model take place and what areas and concepts are focussed on?
-    How is a healthy workplace model planned and what stages does it entail? 
-    To what extent are companies currently implementing the healthy workplace model nationwide? 


Cesar Castel Tironi 

•    Economist. PDD (IMD, Switzerland).
•    More than 20 years’ experience as director of BUs in HR services
•    13 years’ experience in health and science consulting
•    Expert in healthy workplaces, absenteeism and HR.

See you there!

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