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II Healthcare career panel: 'Where is the healthcare industry heading?'


March 23 OF 2017 from 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM


On March 23rd, the ESADE Alumni International Barcelona Chapter, in conjunction with the MBA Healthcare Club, held a round table entitled ''Where is the healthcare industry heading?'' featuring Felipe López, manager of the Consumer Healthcare Business Unit at Chiesi Laboratories; Deirdre Field, Finance and Strategy consultant for Europe, Middle East and Africa in the Animal Health Department at Eli Lilly; Eric Hurel (MIM 90), regional HR manager for Europe, Canada and Latin America at Actelion; and Filippo Prina, director of IMS Health.

Vibrant and vigorous industry

Following the introductions of each speaker and the companies they currently work for, they then explained the reasons why they had chosen careers in the healthcare industry. They said it was a very dynamic and interesting sector with a very good reputation, and that this attracts the best professionals. ''You never get bored in this dynamic industry with constant changes – and challenges too. We now face challenges such as innovation, multi-channel media and new business models,'' said Filippo Prina. Felipe López, meanwhile, admitted that he had been ''very tired'' of always being consumer-oriented, until he entered the health industry where his work is people oriented. In addition, management skills are more complex in this sector because of its on-going changes, greater risks and very broad spectrum of collaborators that one must know how to manage.

The industry’s main challenges include constant improvements to productivity, pressure on prices, and access to new markets – all on an increasingly limited budget, explained Deirdre Field. ''Stakeholders in this sector are increasingly complex and the markets increasingly demanding,'' said Prina. ''In addition, we are affected by political decisions that we must adapt to, and there is mismatch between the lead times of research and results,'' added Hurel. These rapid changes in a slow-moving industry are also affected by the evolution of generic drugs.

When asked about the characteristics of emerging markets, Field mentioned the difficulties involved in competing with local companies and being sustainable whilst retaining talent. Prina said that because diseases are different, there is an opportunity for companies that invest less in research and provide more affordable products. Felipe López pointed out that the challenge in this respect is very different: it is a matter of enabling access to basic medicines to keep the population alive.

New opportunities

As regards ESADE alumni wishing to enter this sector, the speakers emphasized that the ideal candidate would be result oriented, would understand the challenges in this market and would know how to analyse its metrics. Adaptability, resilience, creativity and leadership skills were some of the other traits mentioned.

The impact of new technologies, increasingly customised treatments, changes in practitioner-patient relationships, increasing numbers of acquisitions and mergers, and also the great possibilities of partnerships with companies in other industries (technology, universities, biosimilars, etc) for the development of new products and services and products, are all great opportunities for business and research.




The ESADE Alumni Barcelona International Chapter in collaboration with the MBA Healthcare Club is pleased to invite you to the talk and panel discussion entitled 'Where is the healthcare industry heading? Current trends and challenges in the industry' on Thursday 23 March at 7.30pm.

The panel will discuss some of the main challenges facing the healthcare industry, the trends that are currently shaping this industry, and the main skills and competencies required to become a strong leader in this industry.

Felipe López, Consumer Healthcare Business Unit Director, Laboratorios Chiesi
Deirdre Field, ‎Finance and Strategy Consultant for Europe, Middle East and Africa in the ‎Elanco Animal Health Division, Eli Lilly
Eric Hurel (MIM 90), Regional HR Director Europe/Canada/Latin America, Actelion
Filippo Prina, Principal, IMS Health



Members and guests: free
Non-members: 40 euros

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