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Jornada ESADE Alumni - ULI in the Barcelona Meeting Point


The ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club and ULI are pleased to invite you to this session dedicated to PropTech as part of the 21st Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP) Symposium to be held on October 19th, 2017.
Like the rest of the economy, the real estate industry is currently undergoing a profound transformation: Demography, technology and globalisation are the key drivers behind this change. This year, we propose adopting a more transversal view of industries and, in particular, the real estate industry and the disruptive effect that digitalisation is having.
Our industry’s digitalisation is fundamentally based on three pillars:

- The conceptualisation of SPACE due to new technologies
- Data analytics
- New business models

The end result of the “4th Technological Revolution” may be an in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry’s consumers. For this, we have to use Big Data to enrich the relation between owners/renters, focusing on real-estate users.

The users or consumers of business spaces (employees), commercial spaces (shoppers) and hotel or residential spaces demand solutions that combine the physical and digital worlds (on and offline) and experiences, leading to new business models. Flexible spaces are one such example. They are more interactive, create communities and combine different uses for the same property (offices, retail spaces, residences, etc.): “We work, we live, we shop...”


The 4th Technological Revolution and Real Estate

Enrique Martínez Laguna (MBA ‘93), President of the ESADE Alumni Real Estate Club and Vice President of CBRE Spain
PropTech presentation:

Aleix Valls, Senior Digital Advisor, Colonial


The digital revolution is creating an emerging industry, and there are new technological initiatives which might well change the traditional lens we use to understand and manage real estate assets. Is it just a fad? Does it imply a structural transformation? It’s what we call the 4th Technological Revolution: The future of real estate.
In this session we’ll examine some of the fundamental elements of this digital revolution, its scale, the sociological changes taking place and how they can affect our industry: Fintech, Big Data, smart buildings, the sharing economy, blockchain, etc.
We will also debate on the real estate industry’s possible future, how we can manage the numerous technological initiatives to prepare for this future, how to adapt our business models to successfully face this digital revolution and new demand and where to truly find real estate value.
In essence, the 4th Technological Revolution is exponential in scope, implying a change in era. The key question is how we lead this change.


Panel discussion: The 4th Technological Revolution and Real Estate

David Brush, CIO, Merlin Properties
Angel Cano, Former CEO, BBVA
Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, Executive President and Co-founder, ISDI
Aleix Valls, Senior Digital Advisor, Colonial
Moderated by:

Carmina Ganyet, Corporate Director General, Colonial
Closing address:

Montse Rius, President, ULI Barcelona, and Corporate Development Director, HIPartners
Networking break


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Registration for the Barcelona Funds Meeting
Standard conference fee: €880
Special fee for ESADE Alumni members: €704 (20% discount)
Registration for the PropTech session organised by ESADE Alumni and ULI Barcelona
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Special fee for ESADE Alumni members: €264 (20% discount)



The ESADE Alumni Real State Club gives you tickets for the Barcelona Meeting Point (18 and 19 October).