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'M2M Marketing (Machine to Machine)', by Jaime Castelló (EMBA 03 / Retail Marketing 05)


The ESADE Alumni Aragon Club is pleased to invite you to another great talk in our Refresher Program, entitled ''M2M Marketing (Machine to Machine)'', by Jaime Castelló (EMBA 03 / Retail Marketing 05), director of the Master in Marketing and Sales Management program (Madrid)

The terms B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer) and even P2P (Peer to Peer) are very common in the jargon of marketing and management in general, and have emerged in response to the upsurge in new corporate approaches, new ways of interacting with customers. Some of you will be familiar with the term M2M ''Machine to Machine'' in reference to a situation in which interconnected things are able to exchange information and perform tasks with no direct human intervention. Until recently this term was virtually unknown outside the IT world, but it is now becoming a reality for many businesses thanks to the development of two technologies: the transformation of isolated things into interconnected things, i.e. the Internet of Things, and the transformation of inert things into intelligent things, i.e. Artificial Intelligence. This talk in the Refresher Programme will take a look at the possible impact of these two technologies on marketing as a strategy and as a function, and the models and concepts that may be useful when working in this new environment.



Jaime Castelló

Jaime Castelló has a Degree in Economics and Business Studies from the Universidad de Valencia and an MBA from ESADE. He is currently a Lecturer on the Market Team and Co-director of the Master in Marketing Management of ESADE Executive Education in Madrid. He has developed his career in the commercial area of mass commodity companies, both in Spain and in Europe. He has held positions of responsibility in the trade marketing area in major Spanish food companies. He likewise has broad experience in the marketing of food products area for leading companies and international brands. This professional career is completed with his work with sales teams, both in Spanish companies and in multinationals, and both in sales to companies and managing key accounts of distribution multinationals. He joined ESADE in October 2005.



See you there!

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