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Management of optimism

Sesión Flash | Spanish

September 26 OF 2017 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

ESADE Alumni Careers invites you to this flash session about management of optimism. In recent years, science has not only made progress in curing diseases but also in studying the qualities needed by human beings to stay healthy and satisfied. One of the most important qualities is optimism.

We often hear that it’s important to be positive and have a constructive attitude. This is easy to say but how can it be achieved? Unless we understand what is going on in our brain and thoughts and how they affect our achievements, we are unlikely to be able to apply it.

- Understand our brain and know how we handle certain situations in life.
- Learn how to develop the optimism and self-motivation coefficient.
- Use tools to encourage constructive thinking.

- Positive and constructive attitude.
- The difference between how pessimists and optimists think.
- A matter of choice.
- Lateral thinking.
- The 6 thinking hats. Edward Bono. Case study.

In charge of this session will be Elena Font, an expert in emotional intelligence at Camilo José Cela University, business and life coach (Global NLP Training Institute, USA) and licensed trainer in NLP (The Society of Richard Bandler, USA). Elena also trained and is qualified in non-verbal language (Paul Ekman School, London).

Schedule: from 7 pm to 9 pm

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