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What lies in store for marketing in the coming years? What are the key challenges that companies must deal with to avoid disruption? During this refresher programme session, Oriol Iglesias, associate professor and director of the ESADE department of marketing will explain the main challenges that companies and marketing executives in particular must deal with in the coming years. In a disruptive environment in which the cycles of technology and innovation are increasingly shorter and faster, where consumers and investors demand greater corporate responsibility, where the lines between the on- and off-line worlds are increasingly blurred, and AI, big data and robotics can have a dramatic impact on competitiveness, it is essential to have a precise strategic vision as a guideline for the change necessary in all organisations. During his talk, professor Iglesias will discuss how to approach these challenges and will provide a road map for the 2025 marketing strategy of any organisation. ESADE Alumni is delighted to invite you to this session in the refresher programme entitled “Marketing 2025: Key marketing challenges in a disruptive environment, by Oriol Iglesias (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06), associate professor and director of the ESADE department of marketing. Oriol Iglesias Oriol Iglesias, associate professor and director of the ESADE department of marketing, is also a board member of the Institute for Data-driven Decisions. Previously, also at ESADE, he was the director of the ESADE Brand Institute (brand strategy consultant) and director of the ESADE-URL brand research group. Oriol has provided in-company consultancy and training programmes for many global companies including Porsche, Audi, Telefónica, HP, PwC and Nestlé. Oriol is a member of the scientific committee of the Global Brand Conference, and for the last six years he has been a member of the executive committee of the European Marketing Academy. His research has been published in some of the most highly acclaimed international scientific management and marketing journals. His latest book is entitled ¡Quiero esta marca! Cómo construir marcas deseables. Prior to working at ESADE, from 2000 to 2007 he was the managing partner at Wakaa Networks, a consultancy company specialised in marketing. In parallel, he has also been a managing partner at El Terrat Online, the on-line division of the TV, theatre and entertainment production company El Terrat. Prior to that he was the senior consultant and then the deputy director of ATI-Markefin (consultancy company in the service marketing industry). He began his career in the marketing department at Xerox. Members are welcome to bring a guest

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Presentación Marketing 2025 - Oriol Iglesias

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