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Marketing Principles of Industry Disruptors by Dr. Dominique Turpin - IMD Prof & Dean


The ESADE Alumni Toronto Chapter would like to invite you to their next session, “Marketing Principles of Industry Disruptors” by Dr Dominique Turpin - IMD Prof and Dean next Thursday March 22nd at 6pm at the University Club.

You will discover the key marketing principles used by industry disruptors such as Uber, Tesla, Alibaba, Uniqlo and others and how traditional companies can disrupt themselves to become more competitive.

In this session, Dr Turpin will explore the five key marketing principles that industries are using to transform or create new industries. He will also discuss how more traditional companies can take advantage of these principles to disrupt themselves and others and build a sustainable competitive edge.

I hope we will see you there. Stay tuned for forthcoming ESADE Alumni events.

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