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Matins ESADE with Richard Weissend, CEO of HEINEKEN Spain

Matins | Spanish

July 04 OF 2018 from 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Richard Weissend, CEO of HEINEKEN Spain, speaker at the forthcoming Matins ESADE talk: “New competition for the brewing industry”

Richard Weissend, president of the Cerveceros de España (the association that represents Spain’s main breweries) and CEO of HEINEKEN Spain, will examine the opportunities and threats arising from the new competition facing breweries in Spain, and review the main characteristics of the Spanish market and the contribution that HEINEKEN Spain and the brewing industry make to the economy and the job market.
Mr Weissend will also discuss the reasons why beer has become one of the most fashionable products in Spain – due to the onset of new breweries, on-going product innovation and an increasingly digital society – requiring an immediate response from the companies in this industry. He will then highlight a social trend in which breweries are involved, i.e. a drive towards greater commitment to sustainability and the environment, and finally end by analysing the strategies of HEINEKEN Spain and the brewing industry in this respect.


Richard Weissend

Richard Weissend was appointed CEO of HEINEKEN in Spain in 2009. He started working for HEINEKEN  in France in 1982 as head of sales. He subsequently developed his career in other companies in the food industry, including Mars and Kraft Foods France, in sales management. In 1998 he returned to HEINEKEN France as sales director and subsequently as managing director. In 2007 he was appointed vice president for Spain and two years later, CEO of HEINEKEN Spain, a post he still holds.