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Mindful leader in the AI age by Giulio Toscani

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Leadership starts with your mind: You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first. And you manage yourself if you are aware that: You do not control your mind; you are not rational; your mind creates your reality; and you are not your thoughts. Since the advent of Artificial Intelligence, however, things seem to have become even more complicated, why?

Because leading in the AI age is a complex endeavor that involves four abilities: critical thinking, technical knowledge, vision and being multi-disciplinary.  Surprisingly, emotions play an instrumental role in each of those skills, especially when under pressure and at a higher level of uncertainty and data scientists know this. 

“Mindful leader in the AI age”: Join this session devoted to the symbiotic relationship of the emotions and technology in the AI age by the Esade professor Giulio Toscani.

Throughout the session we will analyse business world, politics, artificial intelligence, big data, the latest apps and personal life issues. The goal? It is to combine classical wisdom like Vipassana meditation and the latest technology/research to explore and sharpen the last tools available for the mindful leader in the AI age.

You can consult Giulio’s bio here.


Hope to see you there!

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