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Mindfulness at work

Workshop | Spanish

The ESADE Alumni Career Services invites you to a workshop designed for people who want to give the very best of themselves at work and to be noticed not because of what they do but because of what they are.

Life is always stressful and it is essential to learn how to manage it in order to be more efficient. Mindfulness makes it possible to work and be completely aware of your decisions, to enjoy more harmonious relationships, to become a better leader and to live more happily and attentively. Scientific evidence shows that certain exercises, when done regularly, can change your brain and make you a better person.

This workshop, by Francesc Mas and Esther Balmaña (Lic&MBA95) of TraiCo Projects, will teach these techniques and exercises and show participants how to carry on using them after the workshop.

TraiCo Projects is a consultancy specialised in change management. TraiCo Projects focuses on fostering management skills and talent, and firmly believes that corporate growth is based on the growth of the people in them, the three cornerstones being leadership, creativity and innovation, and teamwork.

This session is part of the Wellness series organised this year by the ESADE Alumni Career Services.

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Francesc Mas

Francesc Mas trained as a doctor and holds an MBA and PDD (IESE). He works as a coach, consultant and lecturer and is an expert in personal growth, leadership, creativity and innovation. He has extensive experience working with companies, institutions and universities throughout Spain and Europe. He holds a Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Pain and Illness Management. Co-founder of TraiCo Projects.



Esther Balmaña

Esther Balmaña. Lic&MBA 95 (ESADE). Expert in commerce, marketing, retail and teamwork. Extensive experience in working with companies and organizations in the sphere of education. Was the headmistress of a state-assisted private school in Barcelona for 10 years and now works 100% on talent hunting for companies. Co-founder of TraiCo Projects.



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