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MSc 2017 Graduation Party

Encuentros de promoción |

Don’t miss the MSc 2017 Graduation Party organised by the class representatives in conjunction with ESADE Alumni.

The venue chosen for this special occasion is Suite 191 where you can enjoy a private party from 11 pm to 3 am with a free bar for 2 hours.

ESADE Alumni members are entitled to a €30 subsidy towards the cost of the graduation party.

1. To join ESADE Alumni, click here. (After joining ESADE Alumni, you will receive a welcome email. You can then sign up for the dinner as a member. Anyone paying by Paypal must first accept the terms and conditions sent to the alumni email or forward email.)

2. Once you receive the welcome email from ESADE Alumni, you can sign up for the graduation party as a member:
Member: 6.30 euros
Member + 1 guest: 42.60 euros
Non member: 36.30 euros
Non member + 1 guest: 72.60 euros

See you there!

For further information:

0034 93 553 02 17