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The Neuroscience of Leadership and Motivating Others

Programa de continuidad | English

ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to a talk by Dr Richard Boyatzis who will be receiving an honorary doctorate from Ramon Lull University. His investiture ceremony will take place on November 10th. 

Great leaders motivate us by means of a basic human process: our emotions. Although they talk about strategy and competition, great leaders establish deep emotional bonds known as resonance with other people. They are literally in tune with the people around them. They create and nurture these resonant relationships through mindfulness, hope, compassion and playfulness.

Unfortunately, most people in leadership positions become less effective over time due to the cumulative effect of chronic stress and worries about measurement and finance. This pattern activates neural networks that are useful for problem solving but which suppress those needed for openness to new ideas, people and moral concerns. Effective, sustainable leadership requires the development of major neural networks and techniques to remedy the impact of stress and enable neurological, hormonal and emotional revival. These renewal experiences can help a person become more cognitive, perceptually and emotionally open, innovative, and able to teach and motivate others to learn, develop and innovate.

Based on decades of his own research and that of colleagues into emotional intelligence competencies and longitudinal studies into their development, Professor Richard Boyatzis will talk the audience through examples of what renewal feels like whilst explaining the neural processes that foster or inhibit it.

Numbers are limited, so register soon!

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