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New business models and trends, by Carles Torrecilla

Conferencia | Spanish

The ESADE Alumni Valencia Club is pleased to invite you to the forthcoming event organised by ESADE Business School and ESADE Alumni, in which Raimon Mirosa, academic director, will present the 2019-2020 ESADE Programme of Marketing and Sales in Valencia.

Also joining us will be Carles Torrecilla, executive director of corporate development and business intelligence at ESADE Business School, who will give the talk “New business models and trends.”

Innovation in the realm of business models has shifted from incremental to disruptive. Disruption does not, however, mean simply doing things differently, sometimes it involves doing the opposite of what the common sense of the most experienced members of the industry dictate. Carles Torrecilla will provide several inspiring examples of this new mindset.

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