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New Economic Models. The ByHours, a case study

Programa de continuidad | Spanish

This Continuity Program uses the Student First methodology. It is imperative and obligatory to read the case and work the documentation in advance.

ESADE Alumni
invites you to another interesting talk in the Refresher Programme series entitled “New Economic Models. The ByHours, a case study” by Josep Sayeras (Lic&MBA 93/Doct 06), professor in ESADE’s department of economics, finance and accounting, and Juan Pedro Aznar, associate professor in ESADE’s department of economics, finance and accounting.

The multi-sided platforms or matchmakers that have stormed into the real economy in the 21st century have rendered the use of traditional market structures as tools for evaluating today’s world obsolete. This calls for a thorough revision of this paradigm and the design of new models that provide management guidance.

This talk will illustrate some of these models by means of a case study of the company ByHours. When combined with naming key factors in their conclusions, case studies are extremely useful in management training because they entail cognitive processes used in everyday business decisions.


Josep Sayeras

After completing his degree in business administration (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), he was a visiting scholar at Columbia University. He was subsequently an associate professor at the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas, El Salvador (UCA). Prior to joining ESADE in 2000, he was a project manager in a consulting firm. In addition, he has held a managerial post since 1993 in Maspera, SA, a family retail firm in the textile industry.



Juan Pedro Aznar

Pedro holds a PhD in economics and business administration (University of Malaga) and a bachelor’s degree in business administration (University of Barcelona). His main fields are economic analysis, particularly the economies of Spain and Europe, and the financial analysis of tourism. In ESADE he works on BBA, Law degree and Executive Education programmes. Extensive experience in corporate financial consulting.


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