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'New technologies are transforming market fundamentals' by Pau Virgili


April 26 OF 2017 from 07:00 PM to 09:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni Germany Chapter would like to invite you to this session entitled ''New technologies are transforming market fundamentals'' by Pau Virgili, academic assistant in ESADE’s Marketing Department.

Companies need to look beyond  the on-line communication revolution and understand the profound transformation in consumer behaviour that we are experiencing. The ability to redefine the marketing charter, strategies and organization is crucial for success and survival in the new digital era. The marketing strategy toolkit is no longer valid and we need to focus on new disciplines.

•    AUTHENTICITY: What are the new consumer expectations? What can we learn from public affairs? Is authenticity profitable? Needed?

•    REAL-TIME MARKETING: How can we sync our organizational clock with consumer speed?  What are brands such as Coca Cola, Taco Bell and Pepsi doing? What can we learn from tech start-ups?

•    INNOVATIVE CONSUMER JOURNEY: Are customers still brand loyal? Are we investing in the right customer touch-points? How has the purchase process changed? What can we do to re-engage customers?

•    ENGAGING CUSTOMER ENERGY: Do we know how to engage consumer energy? What are companies such as HP, 3M , GE and GoPro doing in this area?

•    LEAN PRODUCT MARKETING: How can we deliver an emotional experience to customer within the product?  How has new-product marketing changed? What can we learn from software companies and lean methodologies?

After the session we will offer a networking cocktail.



Pau Virgili

Pau Virgili is an academic assistant in ESADE’s Marketing Department. He teaches ''New marketing strategy for the digital era'' at ESADE. He is an expert in consumer marketing, new technologies and management. He has extensive experience as a fortune 500 manager and also as an entrepreneur and consultant. Pau was the HP Europe Middle East and Africa General Manager of Consumer Marketing. As an entrepreneur, Pau has launched several companies in the areas of mobile business, marketing on line and advertising. He has also been a consultant for companies including Coca Cola, Nike and Nestlé. Pau holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and he is the co-author of the book “La reconciliación con el consumidor”. Pau has lived and worked in Spain, US, Germany, France, UK, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and is a passionate adventure traveller.



See you there!

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