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Is obesity just a public health issue?

April 10 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club is pleased to announce their forthcoming talk, “Is obesity just a public health issue?”

Obesity has become a public health problem in all developed and developing countries due to the high percentage of the affected population and the impact on other chronic diseases.

Although the impact of excess weight is a current topic of discussion, and its real origin is debatable, the population’s eating habits and physical exercise are undeniably important because they help balance the individual’s energy requirements.

Any action plan must entail a well-rounded, well-designed approach, synergies able to interact with different life style factors, and also the creation of environments to make it easier for people to gradually adopt these healthy lifestyles.

The actions and initiatives implemented to achieve these goals are sometimes complex and call for the involvement of the health authorities and also the cooperation of the general public, the private sector and the media.

This discussion between officers in charge of different areas related to specific habits and life styles will reveal the agents active in this field and the most crucial factors when planning coordinated campaigns to deal with excess weight and obesity in today’s society.



Welcome and presentation

Marta Pedrerol ( EMPA 13 / EMPA 12 / Dirección de Servicios Integra 00 ), board member of the ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club.

Carmen Cabezas, deputy managing director of healthcare, and co-director of the physical activity, sport and healthcare campaign PAFES. Managing director of public health, Generalitat of Catalonia health department.

Toni Massanés, managing director, Fundació Alícia
Julio Basulto, lecturer, BSc in human nutrition and dietetics, department of wellbeing and health science, Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC)

Chaired by
Ignacio Tintoré (MBA 99 / Management and Development of Insured and Health Knowledge 01), independent advisor of healthcare companies, expert in business development

Closing comments
Rodrigo Rama (MBA 89 / GH 86), president, ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club


Members may bring a guest

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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