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Online car sales. A threat to dealers?

Conferencia | Spanish

September 24 OF 2019 from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

The ESADE Alumni Automotive and Mobility Club invites you to their forthcoming talk about how car dealers are adapting to online car sales and how other actors including Amazon are carving out niches for themselves in this business. 

Online sales is a macro trend that is overhauling the entire automotive industry. New car sales have traditionally been the domain of brand dealers who thoroughly understand the car buyers. But this dominance is now threatened by disruptive sales channels that affect the entire value chain.

Are dealers prepared to cope with these changes? What are the advantages of online sales for other agents such as manufacturers, insurers and IT companies? Will online car sales become the go-to channel in the near future? What approaches can dealers adopt in order to respond successfully to the challenge of online sales?

During our panel discussion, leading representatives of groups of dealers, consultants and IT companies will share their different viewpoints about how best to deal with this great change sweeping through the industry.



Alberto Martínez Cepero, managing director, Audi Retail Madrid
José Luis Hernández, head of B2C, ALD Automotive
Cristóbal Colón, automotive partner at Roland Berger

*Breakfast will be served to all participants after the talk 


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