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Panel discussion. Female tech entrepeneurs: the challenges of public policies

Conferencia | Spanish

October 03 OF 2019 from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Despite some progress, there is still an obvious gender gap in the technology sector. The implications extend beyond ethical considerations. The work force in engineering, technology and mathematics is crucial for the global competitive edge of countries, hence the need to boost all the talent of men and women in order to bolster the innovative capacity of our country, our region and our own cities.

There are, however, few women in technology, a situation that must change to ensure more women in tech and leadership positions. The tech gender gap is a challenge for public policy that must be addressed by different agendas. This gap mirrors the inequality that still occurs from an early age. In addition, this gap causes a huge loss of talent that affects the innovative capacity of countries and regions. Agenda 2030 commits the public sector to remedying the tech gender gap via three objectives: ODS4 (inclusive, equitable, quality education), ODS5 (gender equality and the empowering of girls and women) and ODS9 (industry, innovation and infrastructures).

This panel discussion aims to create a space in which to address the challenges facing women in the tech industry. Public sector engagement in the form of Agenda 2030 entails schemes by public authorities to fully integrate women into technology. What obstacles face women in STEM and the digital sector? How can the public administration trigger change? What shape should the shared responsibility of the public and private sectors take as regards the need to encourage and incentivise the full involvement of women in this industry?




Isaac Martin Barbero, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Community of Madrid.

Panel discussion.

Alejandra Blázquez, Digital Transformation consultant at DigitalES, an association that brings together large telecommunications companies and the digital sector in Spain. Digitales produced the Spanish version of the European report “Women in the Digital Age”. 
Carmen Vela, managing director of Ingenasa (biotech company) and secretary of state for science and innovation 2012-2018
Silvia Hispano, CEO and founder of Wework Factory, company producing audiovisual content and AI avatars for leading brands (Repsol, Movistar, L’Oreal, El Pais, WiZink, KIA….) 
Nerea Luis, PhD in AI. Co-founder of T3chFest. Google Women Techmaker awardwinner and COTEC expert.


María Ángeles Sallé, director of the National Telecommunications Observatory and for the Information Society.


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