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Persuasion: Talk with impact

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The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club is pleased to invite you to their first event of the 2019-20 academic year on 24 October at 7:00 pm, “Persuasion: Presentations with an impact”, a talk by Katharine D’Amico.

Communicating is not merely saying what you want to say but knowing how to say it.

In the business world, even the simplest presentations can be excellent platforms for persuasion, leadership and change. A powerful presentation can inspire a team to work harder than they ever thought possible, can convert a product into a brand with a soul or persuade a customer to enter into a contract.

So what makes a presentation persuasive? How can you be inspiring and convincing in highly competitive VUCA environments? How do the best presenters catch people’s attention? What techniques do the best presenters use?

We will address how to present information, how to create a clear framework and how to provide a starting point for the audience.

We will look at how a good start is half the battle, how to be convincing, and other factors.


Katharine D’Amico

PhD candidate in sociolinguistics, MSc in linguistics, translation and interpreting (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) 

Associate professor at ESADE Business School on a variety of programmes: 

• Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA)
• Executive Master in e-Business Programme  
• Global Governance programme, ESADE Law School
• Custom ESADE programmes 
• ESADE BAN mentorship 
• ESADE Alumni 

Expert and mentor in public speaking and pitch deck management for more than 500 start-ups. Has helped raise more than €75m in public funds and private investment to date. CEO at Swala Ventures Family Office, business angel in new tech companies prior to creation and in early stages. Particularly interested in VR, AR, MR and IOT technologies and AI.


See you there!

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