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Porter's shared value, with Pablo Collazzo (PhD 16)


The ESADE Alumni Colombia Chapter is pleased to invite you to this talk entitled ‘Porter's shared value’ by Pablo Collazzo (PhD 16), professor at the Viena University and Harvard at the Red MOC managed by Dr. Michael Porter in topics of competitiveness and shared value.

The talk will be around the concept of Porter's Shared Value and its possible implications in state policies in this post-conflict stage. At the end of the session, we will offer a Wine of Honor to our guests.
The talk will take place this Friday, November 3rd at 19:00 at the Uniandinos National Headquarters.

Registration required. Do not hesitate to bring any ESADE alumni you know in Bogotá, or any business partners or contacts.


Pablo Collazzo has extensive academic and professional experience in sustainable competitiveness and entrepreneurial finance. He is currently a professor at the Vienna University of Economics and he also chairs the Membership Council of the Competitiveness Network at Harvard Business School. Formerly rector of Universidad del Pacífico in Ecuador, he was also the chair of the Institute for Responsible Competitiveness at Nyenrode University in the Netherlands. Previously, he was Director of Academic Affairs at the European Academy of Business in Society in Brussels, after his international career in investment banking. He is a board member of profit and non-profit organizations and senior advisor on sustainable competitiveness to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. His academic background is in law and economics with graduate studies at Boston University (MBA) and ESADE (PhD).


See you there!

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