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Positive leadership vs. negative leadership. Toxic bosses

Conferencia | Spanish

The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club is pleased to invite you to their first event of the 2019-20 academic year on 10 October at 19:00. 

Positive leadership schools of thought regularly talk about ideal leaders but such bosses are not, in fact, very typical. 

For the sake of productivity and well-being in the workplace, it is hugely important to determine why bosses are toxic and how they impact personnel.

Are you a toxic boss? Might you be in the future? Is your boss toxic? How should you react? 

SOS Tengo un Jefe Tóxico. A book with some of the answers.



Pablo Adán is a corporate coach and consultant. His close contact with leaders and managers during his career plus the thousands of hours of training and consulting he provided for directors and teams, have given him first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day workings of companies: often far removed from the perfection described in company manuals. 

Pablo has already published 11 books about leadership, skills, personal strategies and marketing in which people are always the focal point, including El Reto, estrategia personal para tiempos de incertidumbre and Cómo ser una persona influyente, manual del comunicador total.


See you there!

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