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The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club is delighted to invite you to this unique workshop about lean marketing for members only by Carmen López Cabezón, Innovation Business Development Manager at Telefónica Global Innovation.

Lean marketing is one of the key concepts used to help make start-ups faster and more innovative, but it can also be applied to companies of any size. Lean marketing can shorten product development lead time and is and more oriented to fulfilling customers’ needs.

It lets us make quick mistakes and remedy them promptly, and enables us to reduce the time to market. This is why it is particularly useful for both companies that are starting out with limited time and resources, and for large companies that want to be more flexible.

The workshop
This workshop will explain how to create and implement a lean marketing strategy to make your company more flexible.

We will start with what is known as the “ambidextrous organization”, i.e. able to run one business whilst exploring another sphere of business without affecting its main area. Few companies are ambidextrous from the word go, but this approach can be learnt. The same thing happens with companies: very few organizations are ambidextrous from the outset, but all can (and must) learn to take advantage of and explore new businesses by means of innovation.

We will examine the crucial role of marketing in all this, marketing being an essential part of strategy, and how these methods can be applied to both the most urgent, everyday decisions and also the launch of new value propositions

Carmen López Cabezón
Innovation Business Development Manager at Telefónica Global Innovation.
As part of the Innovation Strategy and Operations team, Carmen is in charge of helping projects currently in the innovation funnel that will be launched as products via Telefónica’s business units around the globe. In parallel, she is working as an intra-entrepreneur inside Telefónica on the development of a new concept of innovation.

In addition, Carmen has experience in both traditional and e-marketing with a focus on recruitment, customer commitment and brand recognition.

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Language: Spanish

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Event resouces. For members only!

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