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Presentation by Prof. Claude Nicollier: Lessons on Earth from Space Exploration


April 26 OF 2018 from 06:45 PM to 10:45 PM

We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth! Bill Anders, 1968 Apollo 8 mission.
The ESADE Alumni Lausanne Chapter is pleased to invite you to the forthcoming event in collaboration with Executives International (EI).
Switzerland’s first astronaut, Claude Nicollier, will host a unique presentation featuring his own images from space and plenty of anecdotes about his space missions. Nicollier will take the audience on a journey though the past and the present of space - and what it means for us here on Earth.
This exclusive event is part of EI’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. The famous Swiss astronaut will explain the great contributions made by space exploration to safety on Earth and planet health monitoring, and, in the future, to the conservation of the planet. Nicollier will explain how time spent in a low earth orbit or beyond can raise awareness about the state of the planet and its inhabitants.
The presentation will cover the following areas:

•    The three most significant events to affect the planet in the last 50 years
•    The three most important breakthroughs expected in the next 50 years
•    The implications and opportunities for us all now



• Registration & appetizer: 18:45
• Cocktail dinner: 19:15
• Presentation & Q&A: 20:00
• Coffee and Networking: 21:15

In accordance with the agreement between the chapter board and Executive International, ESADE alumni have special rates for all EI events. The chapter will cover part of the entrance fee for all ESADE Alumni members.



Members: €43 euros (50 CHF)
Guest members: €43 (50 CHF)
Non members: €69 (80 CHF)


Claude Nicollier

Claude Nicollier has been part of the European Space Agency space exploration team for three decades and is also an accomplished pilot who has flown for the Swiss Air Force and the Empire Test Pilots’ School.

He was a member of the first group of ESA astronauts selected in 1978, was a member of NASA teams in Houston between 1980 and 2005, and has flown on four space shuttle missions. Nicollier holds the distinction of being the first ESA astronaut to space walk during a shuttle mission, and he has logged more than 1000 hours of space time during his career.

This acclaimed astronaut is now an honorary professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, where he teaches space mission design and operations. He continues to share his expertise with research students by helping with their projects, and is a member of the Swiss Space Center.



We are very much looking forward to seeing you all there!

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