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'The secrets of the hidden job market', by Ivo Güell (DEM 01)


The ESADE Alumni Asturias Club invites you to this flash session: a different look at the job market. Most of today’s vacancies are unadvertised so executives must ensure they make more of an impact and are more visible in general.

To find a better job in line with your talent and attract a company that appreciates your abilities, the strategy you adopt must show the world what you are worth. This workshop will explain the shift from being rather unsellable to highly appealing, from reactive to proactive behaviour, and from being invisible to visible. You’ll learn how to change from being recruitable to desirable, about the hidden job market and how to exploit it. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the road to the hidden job market.



Ivo Güell (DEM 01)

Ivo Güell Torne (DEM 01) is a managing partner of the training consultancy Idei, a purveyor of innovative solutions for executive development inside and outside companies, and the introduction of new career strategies.



See you there!

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