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ESADE Alumni Careers invites you to ''The secrets to nurture an unbeatable attitude'', a talk by Cesar Piqueras, speaker, senior management coach and consultant, and writer. Excélitas Global CEO.

In the challenging times in which we live, our companies and teams must do their utmost to achieve results. But good results are impossible without an outstanding attitude. People cannot face the future unless they know how to do their best by becoming a better version of themselves, changing their own beliefs, overcoming their fears and, above all, by creating the company (and life) they desire.

Attitude is an undervalued intangible asset and yet it holds the key to the success or failure of a business project. A person who lacks the right attitude can divide a team and cause enduring conflicts with negative fallout for everyone. Attitude is contagious, and if it is allowed to spread from one person to another, an entire team can lose heart and enter a vicious circle of despondency, complaining and tendency to blame others.

What does a person’s attitude depend on? Can a person’s attitude be changed? How does a person’s attitude affect their customers? To what extent can a person control their own thoughts? What techniques can help people behave more positively and constructively? This talk will reveal what lies behind someone’s results, the success factor of the best entrepreneurs and high performers, and methods for changing one’s attitude. An enjoyable, hands-on talk. César Piqueras

César Piqueras is a speaker, senior management coach and consultant, and writer. Excélitas Global CEO. Author of more than 13 books about management, leadership and sales. He publishes more than 250 posts a year on his blog which receives 100,000 visits a month.

Master in management psychology (London Metropolitan University Business School), executive master in business administration, master and trainer in neuro-linguistic programming, master in gestalt therapy, CTI coaching training program, ORSC (organisation, relationships, systems coach) and technical industrial engineer.

He works with leading companies and institutions on the development of sales teams and leaders, giving talks, development programs and high impact training. His clients include Inditex, Cambridge University Press, Abertis and others.

We hope to see you all there!

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